The mission of the Feather River Aquatic Club, FRAC, is to bring together families to develop team and individual goals that provide a competitive swim team of which the community will be proud. FRAC will provide an environment that fosters the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, and continued physical and mental challenges.Through the efforts of families, coaches, and individuals, FRAC strives for continued growth of mutual and self-respect, a sense of belonging, through self-discipline and self-motivation, and the pride of being part of a successful team. Parental involvement and the dedication of the individual swimmer will sustain FRAC in its endeavor to provide the community with well-rounded, positive, and contributing members of our society.

About Us

Feather River Aquatic Club (FRAC) is a non-profit organization that exists for the primary purpose of sponsoring youth swimming activities in the Yuba City/Marysville area. Our competitive swim program is designed to meet the needs of every swimmer, from those who simply want to improve their skills to the very serious competitor.
FRAC strives to provide for its members a program consistent with USA Swimming. Our philosophy recognizes both individual and team growth as an integral part of our swim program.

Our goals are to:
- teach proper stroke mechanics
- prepare swimmers both physically and mentally to swim competitively
- help swimmers establish and achieve individual goals
- develop team spirit
- stress good sportsmanship

FRAC has served the competitive swimming needs of the Yuba Sutter area for over 30 years and has helped develop many outstanding swimmers. FRAC strives to make its program both HEALTHY and FUN. Workouts are preparation for improved performance. Our coach(es) may punctuate workouts with water games periodically and social activities are planned. These are functions we hope will inspire FUN along with FAMILY PARTICIPATION and build TEAM SPIRIT.

History of FRAC

Beginning in the summer of 1968 as "Yuba City Swim Team," with twenty swimmers, FRAC has managed to provide a competitive swim program for many years.
The 1968 team was coached by John Polney, who is still an active masters swimmer at Gauche Aquatic Park. In 1970 the team name was changed to the "Yuba City Super Swimmers" and the team competed in the North Valley League. In 1974 the team adopted the name "Feather River Aquatic Club", competing as FRAC. The team also moved to the SEQUOIA VALLEY SWIM LEAGUE that same year. The Sequoia League teams provided a higher level of competition, since most clubs swam year round. While basically a summer team, FRAC was able to hold its own and often placed in the Top Three at the league championships. Feather River Aquatic Club officially became incorporated in 1976.
With the opening of the Yuba College Aquatic Center in 1980, new opportunities existed for FRAC. The team had access to a swimming facility that allowed swimmers to train for long course meets and, more importantly, for the Club to host meets. This gave the Club a major source of income for the next ten years. FRAC's first meet was held on July 31, 1981, with 36 teams represented and 432 swimmers competing.
During the 80s, FRAC hosted up to three meets a year at the Yuba College Facility. One summer, FRAC hosted its invitational, the Sequoia League Championships, and the Sierra Nevada Swimming Long Course Championships.
In the summer of 1991, the Yuba College Pool closed and the team found itself scrambling for adequate swimming facilities.
During 1991, FRAC, along with Yuba City High School, persuaded the city of Yuba City to upgrade the Gray Ave. Pool. By March of 1992, the City had installed heating, lane lines and pool covers. This was a very important step to keep both the FRAC program and the Yuba City High School Swim Team going. However, scheduling difficulties continued to force the Club to seek alternate swimming facilities. During this period, the Club trained in four separate pools. In addition, neither Yuba City High or FRAC were able to host home meets since the Gray Avenue Pool was a non-competitive length and other facilities were not available.
In 1995, FRAC became the 19th team to join the North Valley Aquatic League (NVAL). The Board felt NVAL would provide more balance and challenge for our swimmers. At the 1995 NVAL Championships, FRAC placed 7th and had five swimmers make the NVAL All-Star Team.
Through much hard work and support from the City Council, the Gray Avenue Pool went through a major remodel during the winter of 1995/96. Not only was the pool resurfaced, but a dividing wall was constructed in the pool, creating a 25 yard, seven lane compeition-length pool. For the first time since the closure of the Yuba College Pool, competitive swimming returned to Yuba City. 
From 1991-2003, the Gray Avenue Pool was home for FRAC. Many meets, swim-a-thons, and other fun events were held there. Up until this point, FRAC had always been a seasonal team, which meant swimming March through August months only. In February 2004, a coach by the name of Steve Skidmore was hired. Steve was determined to take FRAC to a higher level and turn our program into a year round swim team. Steve's plan was set into motion, and for the first time in FRAC history, our club registered with USA Swimming as a year round team in 2004. FRAC left the Gray Avenue facility and began swimming at the Marysville High School Pool. This pool gave FRAC the access needed to have a pool available twelve months out of the year. Marysville was home to FRAC for the next several years, until December 2007. With the much publicized building of Gauche Aquatic Park in Yuba City, FRAC decided to move locations once again in hopes of growing the team by being in a more central location. Gauche Aquatic Park has been FRAC's practice location from February 2008 to present.

FRAC Mission Statement